City deploys high-output generators to assist Lake County, Red Bluff with public safety power shutoff

City of Sacramento Emergency Management and Department of Utilities officials have responded to requests for aid from two northern California agencies effected by a “public safety power shut off.”

The “power shut off” is a recent effort by energy provider PG&E to reduce the risk of fires caused by damaged electrical equipment during high winds.

Two 400 kilowatt generators were provided to a utility in Lake County and one 350 kilowatt generator has been sent to support Red Bluff.

“This support to our northern neighbors speaks volumes of the capability and confidence I have in our Department of Utilities to respond when hazards impact our City and beyond,” said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Sacramento. “It is important that jurisdictions come together and help each other during time of need.”

The generators sent to Red Bluff and Lake County are part of a cache maintained by the City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities to keep pumps running during severe flooding events.

Once the public safety power shutoff concludes and electricity has been restored to the affected agencies, the City of Sacramento will recall the generators back to Department of Utilities, Bowers said.

High winds and low humidity across California prompted PG&E to begin a “public safety power shut off” on Oct. 9. According to their website, some areas could see power outages until Saturday, Oct. 12.

The City of Sacramento has not been affected by the power shut off.

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