Your Monday commute might take a little longer than expected. Here’s why

New freeway ramp meters, installed by Caltrans at more than a dozen locations in Sacramento, could affect locals commuters starting Monday, Nov. 4.

The new Caltrans meters use what’s called “anytime metering” and activate whenever traffic levels hit certain thresholds, according to a media release from Caltrans. The new meters are expected to “help relieve congestion and make merging safer for motorists,’ Caltrans said.

The new meters can be found at freeway entrances for Business 80 and State Route 99 (see Caltrans’ complete list below). Caltrans said it plans to activate the new meters Nov. 4, the day after daylight saving time ends.

The City of Sacramento’s Department of Public Works Interim Director Ryan Moore said the new meters could cause delays on Sacramento streets as drivers get used to them.

“We have an obligation to inform the public whenever changes come to City streets, which likely will happen in this case,” Moore said, noting that the City is responsible for managing its streets and Caltrans manages freeways in California.

The City is advising that drivers build in extra time when planning their commute for the coming week.

New meters have been installed in these places, according to Caltrans:

  • H, N and T streets onramps to southbound State Route 51 (Business 80)
  • Broadway onramp to southbound State Route 99
  • 14th Avenue onramp to southbound State Route 99
  • Fruitridge Road to southbound State Route 99
  • Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard to State Route southbound 99
  • Westbound and Eastbound 47th Avenue to southbound State Route 99
  • Westbound and Eastbound Florin Road to southbound State Route 99
  • Westbound Calvine Road to southbound State Route 99
  • Eastbound Cosumnes River Boulevard to southbound State Route 99

“Studies have found ramp meters are an effective way to reduce freeway congestion and collisions, improve travel time and make merging onto the freeway safer,” Caltrans said in its media release.

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