Avoid a holiday nightmare by doing these three simple things

Food is often an essential part of most holiday gatherings, but it can also induce the dreaded drain clog. Decadent dishes are known to produce fat, oil and grease, all of which can lead to major pipe-clogging headaches if poured down the sink. While it may go down the drain as a liquid, it quickly cools and hardens.

Follow these three simple steps to avoid a clogged holiday:

  1. Pour it – pour any fat, oil and grease into a disposable container
  2. Seal it – make sure the disposable container is securely sealed
  3. Trash it – throw away the container into a garbage bin

“The holidays are a time for people to come together over a home-cooked meal,” says Bill Busath, Department of Utilities Director. “By properly disposing of fat, oil and grease, you can avoid the frustration and expense of dealing with a drainage or sewer backup.”

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