City accepting applications for community-based investment opportunities

The City of Sacramento is accepting applications for projects and programs focused on boosting inclusive economic development in neighborhoods throughout Sacramento.

A new City website allows community-based organizations and businesses to submit proposals for ventures and activities that stimulate job growth, expand educational opportunities, create affordable housing and promote healthy neighborhoods.

City officials said they hope these projects, part of a larger initiative to build a more robust and equitable local economy in Sacramento, will create opportunities for all of Sacramento’s residents while at the same time prioritizing strategic investments for people of color, low-income individuals and underinvested communities.

“It is our intent and hope that this website and portal affords an opportunity for all of our residents and business to promote projects, programs and ideas that create meaningful investments in our neighborhoods,” said Assistant City Manager Michael Jasso, who oversees community and economic growth for Sacramento. “This initiative and website further answer the call to invest in every part of Sacramento, particularly in our underserved and underrepresented communities.”

The City is actively developing new projects, programs and strategies that advance inclusive economic development and reduce inequities by improving the health, stability and economic security of residents and neighborhoods. Investments will support people, places and actions that promote inclusive economic growth throughout the city.

Projects and programs submitted via the website may be funded by a variety of City resources, including Measure U dollars. Proposals will be reviewed by the City’s Inclusive Economic and Community Development Investment Committee, which consists of community members and private-sector leaders.

Organizations that wish to submit an application can do so on the City’s website until Jan. 31. Questions about the project can be directed to the Office of Innovation & Economic Development by calling 916-808-7223.

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