The City wants start-ups and companies to submit innovative ideas in response to COVID-19

The City of Sacramento has created an online portal specifically to collect innovative ideas from companies proposing to donate or sell products or services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The site went live on Monday, April 20 and has taken eight submissions so far, including one from a company that would use artificial intelligence to conduct human resources tasks and another that would use robots to deliver food, said Louis Stewart, the City’s Chief Innovation Officer.

“We are soliciting the best ideas for how we as a City can use technology and innovation to meet the challenges created by this pandemic,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “This creates a one-stop shop where you can be certain that all your great proposals will receive consideration.”

Once ideas are in the portal, they will be vetted by City staff and innovation partners around the city, including the Mayor’s Innovation Council and the Carlsen Entrepreneurship Center. Those that hold promise will be presented to the Mayor’s Office, City Council and the City Manager’s office for consideration.

“This portal will help Sacramento continue embracing innovation during this crisis and ultimately get to a place where we can respond, mitigate, stabilize and recover at a more rapid rate by using innovative strategies,” said Louis Stewart, Sacramento’s Chief Innovation Officer.