Speed limits are being reduced on these 24 streets in Sacramento to increase driver, pedestrian, bicycle safety

The Sacramento City Council on July 28 approved the reduction of speed limits on 24 street segments in Sacramento to make them safer for everyone who uses or lives near the roads.

The changes will reduce speed limits by 5 mph and are based on studies of how fast people drive on the streets.

“This was a rewarding project for our team because it can make an important safety improvement in many communities across Sacramento,” said Megan Carter, senior traffic engineer. “Data shows that high speed collisions are more likely to cause fatalities or serious injuries and encouraging drivers to go slower improves safety for everyone living on these streets.”

California state law requires that cities study speed limits every five to 10 years to ensure vehicle speeds are enforceable and safe for their surroundings. Public Works staff conduct speed surveys on City streets on a rotating basis every seven years, Carter said.

According to Carter, staff measure the average speed of 85 percent cars along each segment of road. Using that number and other factors like pedestrian and bike activity, and nearby schools or parks, staff recommend to Council the appropriate speed limit to be posted.

“Each segment of road is studied individually to determine a vehicle speed limit that is safe for the entire corridor,” she said.

The changes in speed limits are effective once new signs are installed and staff expect to have work done by late summer on the following street segments:

    • 2nd Avenue from 21st Street to Stockton Boulevard
    • 7th Street from F Street to T Street
    • 23rd Avenue from Florin Perkins Road to Warehouse Way
    • 33rd Street from 5th Avenue to 12th Avenue
    • 43rd Avenue from Riverside Boulevard to Gloria Drive
    • 47th Avenue from 24th Street to railroad tracks
    • Arcade Boulevard from Rio Linda Boulevard to Marysville Boulevard
    • Capitol Avenue from 15th Street to Alhambra Boulevard
    • Carlson Drive from Sandburg Drive to J Street
    • Dry Creek Road from Ascot Avenue to Bell Avenue
    • El Monte Avenue from Dale Avenue to Acoma Street
    • Elder Creek Road from Stockton Boulevard to Power Inn Road
    • Eleanor Avenue from Grove Avenue to Del Paso Boulevard
    • Folsom Boulevard from Elvas Avenue to State University Avenue
    • Folsom Boulevard from State University Drive to Watt Avenue
    • Grasslands Drive from Weald Way to West El Camino Avenue
    • Havenside Drive from Florin Road to Las Positas Circle
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from 14th Avenue to Fruitridge Road
    • Meadowview Road from Freeport Boulevard to Brookfield Drive
    • North Avenue from Marysville Boulevard to Winter Streets
    • Norwood Avenue from Main Avenue to Grand Avenue
    • Rio Linda Boulevard from Lampasas Avenue to El Camino Avenue
    • Riverside Boulevard from 43rd Avenue to Pocket Road
    • Weald Way from Gateway Oaks Drive to Gateway Oaks Drive

The project also confirmed that current speeds were appropriate on 46 other segments of roads.

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