Here’s when City crews will finish clearing debris from Tuesday’s storm and what to do if it’s affecting you

City crews today are still clearing debris after high winds on Tuesday brought down trees and branches throughout Sacramento.

Public Works staff expect to work until late next week to finish responding to more than 300 calls for service including downed or uprooted trees, fallen tree limbs and clearing debris from sidewalks, roadways and medians.

Some traffic signals were also damaged during the storm.

“We have extra crews and on-call staff working to clean up this week’s storm damage as quickly as possible,” said Ryan Moore, the City’s Public Works director. “Our immediate goal is getting obstructions cleared in areas with high speed or traffic volume and where safety is a concern. In some cases, we are required to wait for assistance from SMUD crews where power facilities are involved.”

According to City staff, several options are available for residents affected by large private trees or debris.

  • Branches can be broken down and along with leaves can be put in yard waste containers.
  • The last day to place yard waste piles on the curb was Jan. 24. Customers can make an appointment after Feb. 1 to have debris that doesn’t fit in a yard waste container picked up. Debris must be cut to less than three feet long and four inches wide.
  • People affected by fallen private trees, including large trunks, stumps and branches, can work with private services for removal.
  • If a public tree has fallen, people can call the City by dialing 3-1-1 or by visiting to request help or to report other issues.

A list of frequently asked questions is available on the City’s website for people to help determine what to do if a tree or branch is affecting their property.

Wet weather is expected into next week, according to the National Weather Service.

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