Help build the future of Stockton Boulevard: City seeks community input for corridor plan

Stockton Boulevard – the five-lane thoroughfare connecting East and South Sacramento – is home to more than 1,600 residents and 12,000 jobs within a five-minute walking distance, making it one of the most vital corridors within the city.

And now, this historic boulevard is set to receive some new consideration.

Stockton Boulevard’s unrealized potential to improve transportation, create more affordable housing and provide economic opportunity for existing businesses and residents has led the City to begin developing new strategies for the corridor.

These new strategies – collectively known as the Stockton Boulevard Plan – are in the very early stages of development. With input from the surrounding community, they will help to increase investment and utilization of the corridor, with a focus on equitable outcomes for existing residents and businesses, said Elizabeth Boyd, senior planner for the City.

“To develop a successful and long-term plan, the City needs to partner with the community,” Boyd said. “Our existing residents and business owners understand best what investments are needed in order to prioritize funding and resources for the programs and initiatives that will increase quality of life and lead to better social, financial and health outcomes for the community.”

In partnership with a group of locals called the “Resident Planning Team,” City staff this week is hosting the first virtual community conversation on the Stockton Boulevard Plan. It will take place Wednesday, Feb. 10 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Stockton Boulevard was chosen for neighborhood-level inclusive economic development because it is a vital transportation route (including Bus Route 51) and near historically disinvested neighborhoods, Boyd said. In addition, there are incoming investments (such as Aggie Square) coming to the area as well as room for future growth.

The City is committed to accommodating new growth in this area in a way that benefits existing residents and businesses, Boyd said.

The $1.1 billion proposed Aggie Square project will be located on Stockton Boulevard and Second Avenue, on property owned by UC Davis. Aggie Square would expand the university’s Sacramento campus, creating a state-of-the-art hub for research, innovation and education. There have been ongoing conversations with the community on how to make sure this project provides benefits to the surrounding residents and businesses.

The Stockton Boulevard Plan will acknowledge the Aggie Square project while ensuring there is a broader discussion of how to address other future investments along the boulevard, Boyd said. The current goal is to create a clear implementation plan with identified funding and other resources for the highest priority action items.

Register for the upcoming meeting, which will be followed by a quick survey on the City’s website.

Learn more about the Stockton Blvd Plan and sign up for email alerts here.

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