The City is creating a plan to address housing needs in Sacramento and wants your feedback

The City is asking residents to provide their thoughts on a proposed plan that will outline how Sacramento will address housing needs in the next eight years.

Called the “2021-2029 Housing Element,” the plan is being created by the City’s Community Development department and will guide planners with goals, policies and programs that hope to increase housing options in Sacramento.

“The implementation programs of the Housing Element direct and prioritize what planning staff will be working on over the next eight years to increase housing production and provide housing for all income levels,” said Tom Pace, director of the City’s Community Development department.

As part of the creation process of the Housing Element, staff are asking residents to participate in a self-guided workshop and provide their comments on the plan’s eight goals.

People can visit the self-guided workshop online, which is available in English, Spanish and Chinese, and provide their feedback until Feb. 22. The workshop covers goals of the plan such as increasing affordable housing production, promoting accessory dwelling units and housing for people experiencing homelessness.

“Community engagement will ensure the City’s housing policies meet the community’s needs,” said Pace. “Participants are encouraged to look through the document and share their comments and feedback on any portion of the draft Housing Element.”

State law requires local governments to adopt a “housing element,” which is one of eight elements of a city’s general plan.

The 2040 General Plan, the City’s blueprint for how and where it will grow over the next 20 years, will be voted on by the City Council at the end of 2021.

Once the City Council votes and adopts the plan, Sacramento will become one of the first cities in the U.S. to allow housing types such as duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes in neighborhoods that historically have only allowed single-family houses.

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