The City wants your thoughts on a plan for managing urban water supplies. Here’s how you can get involved

Utilities staff are inviting people to attend a City Council meeting on June 15 to provide their thoughts about the “Urban Water Management Plan,” a draft document that describes how the City uses water now and over the next 20 years.

Updated every five years, the plan also includes information on long-term water efficiency goals for the City and the reliability of its water supplies.

“This latest plan update will include a key milestone for water efficiency in Sacramento,” said Bill Busath, director of the City’s Department of Utilities, which provides drinking water, storm water and waste water services to customers in Sacramento. “The State required that by 2020 we reduce historic baseline water use per person by 20 percent. We’ve exceeded that target by an additional 25 percent.”

People can submit their comments on the plan during the online meeting, which begins at 5 p.m., by calling 916-808-7213, or by emailing

A draft of the plan is available for viewing on the City’s website and at the Sacramento Central Library (828 I Street).

After public comments are heard, City Council will review the plan, which must be submitted to the California Department of Water Resources by July1.

Water agencies in California that provide water to more than 3,000 customers are required to create plans for urban water management every five years.

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