What are your transportation values? Tell the City before the survey closes June 14

The City of Sacramento is developing a plan, the first of its kind, to prioritize how to invest in transportation needs throughout Sacramento. The Department of Public Works is soliciting responses to a short survey to get resident feedback on what categories of projects should be prioritized.

“The Transportation Priorities Plan is an exciting effort for the City, as it’s the first time we’ve taken a holistic look at all of our transportation plans and maintenance needs,” said Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant. “We want our communities to tell us what’s important to them, to decide what our priorities and transportation investments should be.”

The money the City uses to pay for transportation maintenance and new projects comes from countywide sales taxes, fees and gas taxes, and state and federal grants. Building and maintaining Sacramento’s transportation network is a large effort, said Donlon Wyant.

Today, it is estimated the City would need about $5 billion to build all the transportation building and maintenance projects identified in plans created over the last 20 years. However, the City only has about $42 million each year from those funding sources to accomplish projects.

“With such a great need, you may be wondering how the City decides what gets built and maintained first and what gets taken care of later,” Donlon Wyant said. “This is where we need Sacramento residents’ help.”

In the survey, the City wants to know, what’s most important to you? For example, should the City prioritize:

  • Making transportation investments in communities that lack basic infrastructure such as sidewalks or who have not seen their share of investment?
  • Fixing potholes?
  • Improving safety?
  • Addressing air quality and climate change?

Take the online survey, which takes about five minutes to complete, by June 14 in Chinese, English, Hmong, Spanish or Vietnamese. Learn more about the planning effort and sign up for email updates at SacTransportation.org.