By the numbers: Here’s how Sac Fire responded to illegal fireworks reports on July 4

As illegal fireworks lit up the night sky on July 4 and residents reported their locations, the Sacramento Fire Department responded.

Through its fireworks hotline and the “Nail ‘Em” app, Sac Fire on Sunday night received more than 1,500 complaints about illegal fireworks, according to Sac Fire Capt. Keith Wade.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers and the July 4 response:

  • Each night during fireworks season, the City receives around 300 emergency calls; there were more than 400 emergency calls on July 4. The fire department responds to about 150 on a typical night.
  • There were 84 calls regarding fires on July 4.
  • 11 structure and vegetation fires could be attributed directly to fireworks.
  • Sac Fire issued 136 citations for illegal fireworks in the days leading up to and including July 4.
  • The total dollar amount for illegal fireworks fines issued is approximately $200,000.
  • 76 citations were issued the night of July 4.

“The Fourth of July is our busiest call volume day, and we appreciate all the work residents put in to report illegal fireworks and keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Wade, who added that the reports came from throughout the city and weren’t concentrated in any one area.

The City only allows the discharge of “Safe and Sane” fireworks through July 4. Residents can continue to report fireworks use by calling 916-808-3473 (FIRE) or by downloading the  “Nail ‘Em” app.

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