Get free mulch at this event to keep your trees and landscapes healthy during the drought

City Utilities staff are inviting people to attend its “Mulch Mayhem” on Sept. 25 to get free mulch, which helps improve soil health and prevent weeds and water evaporation.

The event is part of the City’s efforts to keep trees and landscapes healthy during severe drought.

“We had many trees die off during the last drought,” said William Granger, City water conservation coordinator. “Adding two to three inches of mulch around shrubs and four to six inches around trees can lock in moisture and keep them healthier during hot and dry conditions.”

People must register to attend the event from 8 a.m. to noon, which is limited to City of Sacramento residents.

“Trucks and trailers can easily drive through to pick up there mulch, and we will have enough mulch for about 300 truckloads,” said Granger. “People should plan to practice social distancing.”

He also recommends that people who come to get free mulch bring a tarp to prevent it from blowing away while driving.

The City currently is under a “watch alert” and is asking people to reduce their water use by 15 percent as drought conditions persist.

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