Learn about flood preparedness in Sacramento at this Oct. 28 webinar

The City of Sacramento is inviting people to attend a webinar on Oct. 28 where they can learn about how to prepare for flooding in Sacramento, including information on insurance and emergency plans.

The webinar will feature a panel of emergency and flood experts from the City of Sacramento as well as Dr. Anna Serra-Llobet, a specialist in flood-risk policies from UC Berkeley.

“Sacramento has one of the highest flood risks in the nation,” said Daniel Bowers, director of the City’s Office of Emergency Management. “Being prepared is one of the most valuable things for residents and their families when it comes to emergencies.”

The panel will discuss how to purchase flood insurance, how to read flood maps, creating emergency preparedness plans and check lists and flood risk studies for Sacramento.

People can register to attend the noon webinar; it should last about an hour.

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