Here’s how to learn about a proposed ballot measure to fund repairs, improvements to the City’s stormwater system

The City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities beginning this month will host a series of webinars on the “Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure,” a property-owner ballot measure being proposed in early 2022 to fund repairs and improvements to the City’s aging stormwater system.

Residents are invited to attend the webinars to learn more about the measure and how the stormwater system helps protect homes, businesses, local rivers and water sources.

“Sacramento’s system of storm drains, levees, pumps and pipes help prevent flooding and help keep waste out of rivers and creeks by collecting, storing and filtering stormwater,” said Carlos Eliason, a spokesperson for the Department of Utilities. “The system is up to 100 years old, and many levees, pipes and pumps are deteriorating rapidly.”

People can register for the webinars below; they will last for about an hour:

The Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure is expected to be considered by Sacramento City Council in February 2022 and voted on by property owners several weeks after.

The proposed measure would generate up to $20 million annually and include a fee paid by industrial, commercial and residential property owners. Most single-family homeowners would pay about $6 per month for the fee.

There has not been a new stormwater system fee in Sacramento since 1996.

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