City offering grants to community groups to help clean and protect local watersheds

The City’s Department of Utilities is offering grants to community groups to help pay for projects or programs that protect, restore or enhance rivers, creeks and nearby areas in the city.

The grants are designed to help prevent urban runoff pollution and protect water quality.

“We want people to use their imagination and have fun when creating ideas for these projects,” said Jessica McCabe, an outreach specialist with the City’s Department of Utilities. “Just remember that eligible projects must in some way benefit, protect, or enhance local creeks, rivers, or watersheds.”

Community groups of many types — including student groups, neighborhood organizations and informal groups — can apply for a grant of up to $3,000.

Projects that benefit Sacramento watersheds, including educational materials, school projects, restoration projects or neighborhood improvements projects are eligible for the grants.

“This grant money can be used to purchase materials, supplies, help promote the project or even help recruit volunteers,” McCabe said.

Community groups that have ideas for projects that are within Sacramento city boundaries and directly affect residents can apply by email or mail by Feb. 25.

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