City to perform maintenance work on its flood control system

The City’s Department of Utilities in April will begin maintenance work along critical infrastructure in the City’s flood control system, including water ditches near I-80, upper and lower Morrison Creek, as well as Bruceville Basin.

This maintenance will be similar to the critical infrastructure work the City performed over the past year and is expected to take up to six weeks to complete.

A map of the scheduled maintenance work.

“The work to maintain and repair the flood control system in our city is critical to the safety and well-being of everyone living in Sacramento,” said Assistant City Manager Chris Conlin. “This infrastructure played a crucial role in keeping Sacramento from flooding during the historic storm we experienced last October.”

The work performed in these areas will include removing debris that can cause localized flooding, block service roads and ditches as well as inspecting banks.

Utilities staff are working closely with the City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Community Response to ensure the safety and well-being of City staff and those camping in impacted areas.

The Department of Community Response will be coordinating with local service providers to perform outreach and connect people with services.

Outreach and notification of the upcoming maintenance work at each site is scheduled to occur over three weeks before its start date.

“The Department of Community Response will make contact with unsheltered individuals in these locations, offer available resources and inform them of the upcoming critical infrastructure work and the need to relocate outside of the work zone for their safety,” said Bridgette Dean, director of the Department of Community Response.

A schedule of the work can be seen below.

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