Gov. Newsom just called on local agencies to save more water. Here’s what that means for Sacramento

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday called on California water providers to increase water conservation measures as the state prepares for another dry summer.

It was a message the City of Sacramento was prepared to receive, as the City has had conservation measures in place since last August.

“Our council voted last year to enact a ‘water alert,'” said Bill Busath, director for the City’s Department of Utilities. “Since then, we have seen water-use reductions by as much as 23 percent. But in February, for example, we only saw use reductions by about 14 percent, so we have to stay vigilant.”

During a water alert, fines are doubled for wasting water, car washing is restricted to certain days and residents and businesses are asked to reduce their water use by up to 20 percent.

City residents can track their water use on the City’s “My Water” website.

Rebates also are available to City customers to help them reduce their water use, including converting grass to drought-tolerant landscapes and replacing faucets and fixtures.

According to City staff, rebates have helped residents convert more than 1 million square feet of grass to drought-tolerant landscapes.

The City has created a drought website with information and resources to help people save water.

“We greatly appreciate our customers’ efforts in conserving water, but we have to keep saving,” Busath said.

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