Can this massive new mural inspire Sacramentans to conserve more water?

A new mural is being painted in downtown Sacramento, and staff from local, regional and statewide water agencies hope it will be a reminder that saving water is a way of life in California.

The 2,000-square-foot mural — called the “Water Wall” — features aquatic life and plants as well as the words “Save Our Water.” Created by artists Carly Early and Amanda Lynn, it appears Nature Conservancy building (830 S St.)

“The mural is more than a beautiful and vibrant artwork. It’s also an everyday call for Californians to save water no matter the month, season, or year,” said Danielle Blacet-Hyden, deputy executive director of the California Municipal Utilities Association, the mural project’s organizer.

More than two dozen water agencies in California — including the City of Sacramento — sponsored the mural.

“The mural is just one more way to encourage people to save water, especially during the continued drought,” said Bill Busath, Director of the Department of Utilities.

California is experiencing a third year of consecutive drought. The City of Sacramento since August 2021 has been in a “water alert,” which restricts car washing, doubles fines for wasting water and asks people to reduce water use by 20 percent.

“Our hope is that when Californians see or visit the mural, they will be inspired to recommit to saving water,” said Blacet-Hayden.

The California Municipal Utilities Association is also asking people to take photos and share them on social media using the hashtag #cawaterwall.

The mural is part of the Wide Open Walls festival and will be unveiled on May 26.