The City is looking to hire its next fire chief and wants your input

The City of Sacramento is looking to hire its next fire chief and is asking the community for their input as part of the recruitment process.

To help determine what qualities are most critical when considering a new fire chief, the City has developed this easy-to-take online survey:

The survey asks residents to pick the top qualities the new fire chief should possess. The survey closes July 8.

“It’s important that we hear from our community so that we understand their values,” said City Manager Howard Chan. “The information we gather from this survey will help inform the recruitment process over the next few months.”

The City’s Fire Chief oversees approximately 600 sworn employees and 64 professional staff (non-sworn member.) The Fire Department responds to many types of emergencies including fires, emergency medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, and specialized rescues, such as water, vertical, confined space, and animal .

The Department also provides code enforcement as part of the building permitting process, public education and arson investigations.

The survey has been translated into multiple languages:



Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:

If you would like the survey to be translated into a specific language, please email

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