Sacramento City Council places youth-funding measure on November ballot

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday voted 8-1 to place a measure on the November 2022 ballot that would permanently allocate 40% of the cannabis business-operations-tax revenue from the City’s General Fund for children and youth services.

The “Sacramento Children and Youth Health and Safety Act” would need a majority approval by voters to be enacted.

According to the City Council report, the funds could go toward programs for children and youth younger than 25 years old, with a priority on serving those impacted by poverty, trauma and violence.

Non-profit organizations and public agencies would be eligible to receive funding. All expenditures of the funds would need to be approved by the City Council.

The ballot measure also requires a “Five-Year Strategic Investment Plan” to be developed by a newly established nine member Sacramento Children’s Fund Planning and Oversight Commission, in consultation with the Sacrament Youth Commission. The plan would be submitted to the City Council for final adoption.

Moving forward, the Sacramento City Attorney will prepare an impartial analysis of the measure, and Councilmembers will author arguments for and against that will be presented to voters.

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