What does this early-season rain mean for your watering schedule? Here’s a reminder

City of Sacramento Utilities staff are reminding residents that watering landscapes is not allowed for a 48-hour period after it rains more than one-eighth of an inch.

The rule is part of the City’s water conservation ordinance, which applies to residents and businesses.

“This recent early-season rainstorm is a good reminder to turn off sprinklers for at least two days,” said Carlos Eliason, a spokesperson for the City’s Department of Utilities. “To determine measured rain, we use the rain gauge at Sacramento Executive Airport, which received more than a quarter of an inch of rain over the past several days.”

The ordinance also includes a seasonal watering schedule.

From March 1 to Oct. 31, residents are allowed to water up to two days per week on certain days of the week. From Nov. 1 until Feb. 28., residents are only allowed to water once a week, either on Saturday or Sunday.

“We actually encourage people to turn off their sprinklers completely during the wet season, as rainfall can supply most water needs,” said William Granger, a water conservation coordinator with the City’s Department of Utilities. “If you do turn off your sprinklers, keep in mind that trees still need to be watered deeply when it doesn’t rain.”

People can find more information on the City’s watering schedule webpage.

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