City to explore renovations at two parks in Curtis Park. Here’s how you can provide input

After multiple meetings and discussions surrounding park use in the Curtis Park neighborhood, the City’s Department of Youth, Parks & Community Enrichment (YPCE) is exploring potential renovations that could include the development of a new, permanent dog park.

Staff are considering renovations at Sierra 2 Park and Curtis Park that could support activities or amenities including off-leash dog use, sports fields and courts or community gathering areas.

More than 20 years ago, the City agreed to allow a dog training group from the Sierra Curtis neighborhood to use Sierra 2 Park for dog training activities during specific hours. This activity has changed over the years, prompting staff to consider renovations that address safety concerns.

“We want to address the safety concerns at the park, while recognizing that the field is used and appreciated by the many dog owners who visit,” YPCE Director Jackie Beecham said. “We are continuing to engage in positive dialogue with the community on solutions and potential improvements that ensure safety for all users.”

The community can provide feedback on their park use and preference on the potential renovations through an online survey. YPCE will hold a community meeting in early 2023 to review the survey results and discuss future park use.

“We encourage all patrons who visit these parks to participate in the survey regardless of where you live,” Beecham said.

Currently, neither park is designed to be used as an off-leash dog park, which requires fencing and consideration of other design standards including size and existing amenities.

Staff plan to install a temporary pop-up dog park at Sierra 2 Park in the coming weeks using equipment from a previous PetSmart partnership that will allow off-leash dog activity to safely continue at the park.

The temporary dog park will attach to existing fencing at Sierra 2 and includes a closed entry and exit. Residents will be able to use this fenced area for all off-leash dog use, daily from dawn to dusk.

Dogs are allowed on leash at all City parks, and off-leash dog use is also allowed at all 14 dog parks across the city. All dogs at City parks outside of designated fenced areas must be on a leash per City Code 12.72.060(k).

The survey is open through Jan. 6, 2023.

All proposed or potential park improvements are subject to funding availability and may require long-term planning to make substantive changes.

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