Mutual-aid support from Team Rubicon, U.S. Marine Corps helps Sacramento recover from storm

Volunteers and allied agencies are playing a major role in helping Sacramento address the damage and debris resulting from recent storms.

Recovery efforts continued on Jan. 24 at the Sacramento Marina where multiple downed trees need to be removed. Staff from the City’s Department of Public Works and Office of Emergency Management were joined by Team Rubicon volunteers and members from the United States Marine Corps to assist in the cleanup.

“On behalf of the City of Sacramento, we sincerely thank our allied agency partners Team Rubicon and the United States Marine Corps,” said Daniel Bowers, director of the Office of Emergency Management. “Their selfless service to our community enhanced our current recovery operations and were a valuable force multiplier, allowing us to clear and remove a significant amount of storm debris.”

Team Rubicon is an international non-government organization that specializes in emergency response. More than 150 volunteers have contributed to recovery efforts since the first storm began Dec. 31. The organization will wrap up operations in the Sacramento region on Jan. 28.

Forty members of Team Rubicon members and 10 Marines joined City crews at the marina. The cleanup is critical to fire mitigation, as the downed trees could enhance fire fuel risk if not removed, Bowers said.

The Department of Youth, Parks & Community Enrichment also received assistance from Team Rubicon at William Land Park where heavy machinery was brought in to grind down fallen trees. The wood chips will be used as ground cover in City parks.

Storm-related cleanup work is expected to take two to six months to be fully completed. Staff estimate approximately 1,500 trees fell across Sacramento during the storms.

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