Mulch giveaway event now open to landscape contractors. Here’s when

The mulch piles at William Land Regional Park are smaller now than they were a month ago, but City of Sacramento staff still have plenty to give away.

The City’s Park Maintenance Division invites residents and landscape contractors to grab mulch at a fourth giveaway event on Tuesday, April 18, from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m..

This free event will be held within the park at 18th Street (near Freeport Boulevard and Sutterville Road).

Staff transformed fallen trees from the January 2023 storms into mulch that can be used to help prevent evaporation, improve soil health and control weeds.

During the first three events staff shared hundreds of pounds of mulch with over 700 individuals, with many making more than one trip.

“We were quite surprised at the amount of mulch we had,” said Shawn Aylesworth, the City’s park maintenance manager. “The response has been incredible.”

Unlike the first three events, the April 18 event is open to landscape contractors in addition to residents.

Large tree trunk sections are also still available for wood workers and education purposes.

Aylesworth encourages people to bring their own hand tools, containers and tarp to cover mulch in their vehicles. Staff and heavy equipment will be on hand to load trucks and open-top trailers.