11 families experiencing homelessness, including an infant, recently placed in the City’s Motel Program

The City of Sacramento’s Department of Community Response recently coordinated with community partners to connect 11 families experiencing homelessness with emergency shelter in the City’s Motel Program.

The coordination resulted in the sheltering of 13 adults and 25 children, including a 9-month-old infant.

The displaced families came from a variety of situations including:

  • One family began experiencing homelessness a few months ago due to mental-health challenges.
  • Another family lost their home after the head of household became unemployed.
  • One family was fleeing a domestic violence situation.

“The City’s Motel Program is just one of many strategies the City is actively using to address the complex and various needs of families and individuals experiencing homelessness,”  said Katharine Weir-Ebster, media and communications specialist for the City. “Thanks to the hard work of DCR staff and local nonprofits, there are 13 less adults and 25 less children — including four children under the age of 2 — experiencing unsheltered homelessness in our community.”

Inspired by the success of the State’s Project Roomkey, the City’s Motel Program prioritizes placing families in available motel rooms across the city. By working with nonprofit organizations and local motels, the City’s Motel Program gives families a place to stabilize while working toward more permanent housing solutions.

The program was initially funded by various of sources including FEMA, the American Rescue Plan Act and the Homeless Housing Assistance Prevention program. Funding from FEMA ended on May 2022. However, the success of the program has made it a priority for the City, and it will continued to be supported by ARPA and HHAP funding.

Currently, six motels are part of the City’s program. The first three locations opened in December 2020; the latest location opened in December 2022.

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