Here’s how to properly dispose of fireworks and hot coals

As July 4 approaches, the City of Sacramento is reminding residents to take precautions to safely dispose of smoldering fireworks and charcoal briquettes.

Recycling and Solid Waste staff recommend following these tips when disposing of used (or unused) fireworks:

  • Completely submerge fireworks in a bucket of water. Allow to soak at least 15 minutes or overnight for larger fireworks.
  • Double wrap the soaked fireworks in plastic wrap or plastic bags so they do not dry out.
  • Place wrapped bags in the garbage container (never in the recycling or organics container).

When disposing of charcoal briquettes, they must be fully extinguished and cold before being added to the garbage. Briquettes that are still warm can start a fire when put in the garbage container, or even inside the garbage truck.

After the barbecue is finished, spread out the coals so they do not touch. Let the coals go cold overnight before adding them to the garbage container.

“And lastly, please remember to recycle your leftovers and food scraps, including any bones or meat,” said Jesa David, spokesperson for the Recycling and Solid Waste Division. “You can place all food waste into your organics container.”

City waste collection services will occur as usual on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

More information on Recycling and Solid Waste services can be found at

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