Front Street Animal Shelter waives all fees to adopt pets Aug. 9-13  

In response to an ongoing influx of animals, Front Street Animal Shelter is waiving all fees to adopt pets Wednesday (Aug. 9) through Sunday (Aug. 13).

“It has been an incredibly busy summer for us, and we are in tremendous need of compassionate adopters to bring home these wonderful animals who just need a second chance at a great life,” said Ryan Hinderman, communications and customer service manager for the shelter.

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All animals are fixed, microchipped and vaccinated as part of their adoption. In addition, adopters can receive a $250 medical care voucher from Veterinary Centers of America.

Hinderman said Front Street has been working to send animals to other rescue organizations, but they also are very full. Front Street currently has 250 animals at its shelter and 744 animals in foster homes.

“Every day is a struggle to keep animals moving through the system toward positive outcomes,” Hinderman said. “We have had to resort to pairing two, and sometimes even three or more dogs in the same kennel, which puts stress on the animals and raises the chance for disease transmission and fights between dogs.

“We have a great foster program,” he continued, “but that is a temporary solution that can only house so many animals before that backlog becomes unmanageable for our foster and medical teams.”

Front Street Animal Shelter is open seven days a week, with adoptions occurring from noon to 5 p.m.

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