Neighborhood Resource Coordinator Kevin Morgan

VIDEO: How this DCR outreach worker uses his past to help connect with others

Kevin Morgan, a neighborhood resource coordinator with the City’s Department of Community Response, understands the challenges many people experiencing homelessness face.

He too has faced addiction.

Morgan grew up in a Fort Wayne, Ind., with loving parents and siblings. As an adult, he found success in television production. However, the stress of the job started taking its toll.

“Drinking became my outlet to deal with the demands of the job,” Morgan said. “My addiction became so extreme, my body started to experience organ failure.”

With support and love from his family, Kevin sought help. However, it took several attempts for him to achieve sobriety.

“Unfortunately, sobriety is not a point A to point B path,” he said.

Morgan has been in recovery since 2017. “I don’t like to say that I am recovered,” he said. “Sobriety is a lifetime challenge, and I work hard every day to fight my addiction.”

Because of his experience, Morgan knew that he wanted to refocus his career path and help others.

After working with non-profit organizations in Southern California, he joined DCR’s outreach team in April. His said he appreciates that meeting and connecting with people is a significant part of his work.

“Sometimes when you get to know someone, they peel back a bit more of the onion,” Morgan said. “It can allow me to not just show them that recovery is possible, but that someone that they are working with can understand a little about what they are experiencing.”

“Kevin has been a great asset to the team,” said Nick Golling, director of Homeless Services. “He brings a level of compassion and empathy due to his life experiences. When someone on living on the street is suffering from addiction issues, the likelihood of them engaging with our team increases dramatically when they know they are talking to someone has faced those challenges as well.”

Watch here to learn more about Morgan’s journey and how this past assists him in helping others.

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