Data report: How the City responded to homelessness last week

Brian Pedro, who leads the City’s new Incident Management Team responding to homelessness, on Oct. 10 offered his first weekly report to the City Council on the team’s activity.

Pedro’s update came as part of the “City Manager’s Report” and included metrics related to outreach, cleanup and enforcement/compliance actions for the period of Oct. 2-6.

During that time, the City received 926 calls to its 311 customer service center related to homelessness.

Through the work of the IMT, 878 calls were closed, meaning that either the issue was remedied, compliance was achieved or the issue no longer existed when City staff inspected the site.

Overall, the City currently has 2,404 calls for service pending.

In terms of outreach, seven people were referred to the Miller Park Safe Ground or the Outreach and Engagement Center, 64 people were enrolled in the Homeless Management Information System and 29 people were referred to the Coordinated Access System for shelter services.

Working with the IMT, the Sacramento Police Department’s IMPACT team achieved compliance 41 times for sidewalk obstruction, 82 times for illegal storage on public property, 33 times for violation the critical infrastructure ordinance and nine times for unlawful camping.

Code Enforcement tagged 300 vehicles and towed 69 vehicles for violations during that period.

You can watch Pedro’s full presentation here:

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