Give input on the City’s ‘Missing Middle Housing’ recommendations in this online workshop

The City of Sacramento is inviting members of the public to provide input on the “Missing Middle Housing” strategy through a self-guided workshop, which will assist in the decision making process for allowing for a greater array of housing types in Sacramento neighborhoods. 

The Sacramento City Council in 2021 approved to allow a greater array of housing types citywide as part of the 2040 General Plan Update. This Missing Middle Housing workshop is an effort to engage with the community and explore how this strategy can be implemented in the city.   

“Sacramento has many great examples of Missing Middle Housing types across its older neighborhoods, including over 3,500 duplex, triplex and fourplex buildings,” said Nguyen Nguyen, associate planner with the City. “We have many residents, both young and old, who want to stay in their community but can’t afford to do so without moving somewhere else. This strategy can help produce more affordable options for people at different stages in life.” 

Staff have been developingpreliminary recommendations for implementing Missing Middle Housing in Sacramento, ensuring that staff are responsive to the input received.  

Staff will be presenting an update to the City Council on Oct. 24. The input received from the community and City Council will help to refine and shape the final recommendations, which will be shared early next year.  

Those interested can provide input on the study via the City’s website by Nov. 3.

To learn more, please visit the Missing Middle Housing webpage.  


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