The City’s annual community survey is live. Tell us what you think about life in Sacramento

The City’s annual community survey is once again underway, and residents are invited to participate and provide insights on public transportation, parks, entertainment options, crime and more.

Administered by the City Auditor’s office, this comprehensive survey is designed to collect feedback on specific community issues. The results serve as a resource for the Sacramento City Council in making policy and budget decisions.

The survey is hosted through Polco and first ran in 2018. Past results can be viewed here.

“Each year we’ve offered this survey with a goal to identify our community’s perspectives regarding the local economy, safety, mobility, and more,” Assistant City Auditor Farishta Ahrary said. “The feedback will help the City ensure that its policies and programs align with our residents’ highest priorities.”

The survey is open through Nov. 30 and can be translated into more than 100 languages. Completing the survey takes approximately 15 minutes, and input is invaluable in shaping the future of Sacramento.

Questions on the survey include rankings of quality of life and City services and programs used in the past year.

To submit responses residents will be asked to provide their email and ZIP code to confirm where they live. This allows the City to be sure we’re hearing from each person only once and to see which general area they live in.

Responses will remain anonymous, and personal information will be securely stored on Polco.

Last month, 7,500 randomly selected households were mailed the survey to ensure the City would receive statistically significant data. The survey is now open online to anyone who would like to share their opinions.

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