City awarded historic preservation grant to highlight LGBTQ+ history in Sacramento

The City’s Historic Preservation team recently was awarded $40,000 from the California Office of Historic Preservation to help protect and preserve LGBTQ+ history in Sacramento.

The City will be providing $26,667 in matching City dollars to support the project.  

The project will identify significant people, places, and events of the LGBTQ+ community and conduct a survey of the Lavender Heights neighborhood to determine if a potential historic district exists. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to identify the historic sites important to the LGBTQ+ community so they can be recognized and preserved for generations,” said Sean de Courcy, the City’s preservation director. “We are looking forward to working with the community on this important project.” 

Projects like this are becoming more of a need and an important component of Sacramento history, according to de Courcy.  

This past year, the African American Experience Project was concluded and provided in-depth research into the rich tapestry of Sacramento’s African American history, spanning from the city’s early days to the recent past. 

Following a similar process, the LGBTQ+ Historic Experience Project will rely on community involvement, historic records, and extensive research. Public meetings, oral history interviews, and the collection of documents and photos will be integral to identifying historic sites and building a comprehensive archive that encapsulates the LGBTQ+ experience and journey in Sacramento. 

“We have great history and deep, rich stories that I am looking forward to hearing preserved,” said Councilmember Katie Valenzuela. “Thank you to city staff for finding the funding to make this project happen.” 

The project is set to launch in 2024 and last for most of the year. For updates, please visit the LGBTQ+ Historic Experience project webpage. 

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