Leaf season in the ‘City of Trees’

Leaves glow in the sunResidential customers can legally place yard waste piles in the street for collection during the City’s designated leaf season of November – January:

First Day Out – November 1, 2013

Last Day Out – January 31, 2014

Weekly yard waste container collection will continue year-round on your usual collection day

Help us clear streets faster – fill the container first then pile.

The City collects 75, 000 tons of yard waste a year. More than one third – 27,000 tons – are picked up just in November, December and January.

By using the container along with the pile, our crews can clear streets faster and the Claw may come through your neighborhood more frequently for pile collection.

Have a pile with style

  • Piles should be no more than two cubic yards in size (3’x3’x6’ pile).
  • Place the pile six feet from any obstruction (cars, boats, basketball hoops etc.)
  • Make sure there is space between the curb and pile to allow water to flow to storm drains
  • Do not put pet waste in any yard waste pile or container. Pet waste goes into the garbage container.

For more information on leaf season and pile collection visit sacrecycle.org.

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