Entertainment and Sports Center Project will be heard at Planning Commission on April 10

A proposed rendering of the Entertainment & Sports Center is seen at night.

Today, the City will post the staff report for the April 10 Planning and Design Commission (PDC) meeting on the Entertainment and Sports Center project (ESC). This is anticipated to be the last of eight hearings by the PDC on the ESC project. The PDC will forward its final recommendations to the City Council at this meeting. The ESC project is scheduled for City Council consideration on May 13.

The City’s Planning and Design Commission will make recommendations to the City Council on a host of planning and design issues related to the ESC, public plaza, digital billboard program, and the planning approvals for up to 1.5 million square feet in new mixed use development contemplated in the area surrounding the ESC.

The April 10 meeting is the latest milestone in a six-month public input process facilitated by the City, Kings and PDC to ensure strong public oversight, feedback and engagement on ESC planning and design issues. Ideas gathered from the public have been incorporated into the design of the ESC, the public plaza and the surrounding development area.

Notable items in the staff report include:

  • Arena design. Groundbreaking design concepts that provide for a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility to serve the region’s entertainment, sporting and family event needs.
  • Plaza development. As part of the ESC Project, the Kings have worked with the City, and with the community to develop a landmark open space plaza that will serve as a central gathering place that, like the ESC, celebrates the best of Sacramento and the region.
  • L Street activation. A key priority has been to ensure that the ESC design maximizes its potential impact to activate the surrounding downtown area, particularly on the L Street side of the project. The report details several measures planned to maximize this activation.
  • Bicycle facilities. As part of an overall plan to promote use of alternative modes of transportation, the ESC Project will include 126 short- and long-term bike parking spaces; a bike valet program to accommodate spikes in bicycle usage; and identification of several locations to accommodate future bike-share programs anticipated by the City.

The Kings and City will incorporate any feedback and recommendations from the PDC into final materials that will be prepared for final Council action and public review on Tuesday May 13.

Upcoming important dates:

  • April 22, 2014 – City Staff to provide an update to Sacramento City Council on project approval timeline, agreements and financing plan.
  • May 13, 2014 – City Staff will present the Entertainment and Sports Center project to Sacramento City Council for final approval. Definitive agreements, Final Environmental Impact Report, Financing Plan, Entitlements and Digital Billboard Ordinance will be posted online for the public to review well in advance of the May 13 Council meeting. A media release will be distributed when those documents are available.

Additional information about the project, including background reports, development application and timeline can be found on the ESC website.