Cherries for Chongqing, China


A Northern California packaging company this week shipped 600 pounds of cherries directly to Chongqing, China.  This is the first time a direct export will be traveling to Chongqing without a pit stop to another import city. The cherries will arrive in the coming days.


In year’s past, shipping perishable produce was a hefty feat.  Exports faced serious logistical and administrative hurdles because their initial entry into the country was by way of a coastal city including Shanghai and Beijing.

Because of the City’s efforts over the past two years, these cherries will be shipped directly from San Francisco to a major free trade zone in Chongqing – an inland city in the southwestern part of China.

As part of the City-sponsored delegation that will leave the week of May 11, a reception will be hosted complete with local Chinese dignitaries, businesses and the media and the featured produce will be the same exact cherries that were packaged here locally and shipped directly to Chongqing.


More information about the City of Sacramento and our partnership with Chongqing, China can be found here.

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