Blighted property in Oak Park slated for demolition



A blighted building in the Oak Park neighborhood is set to be demolished this week as a result of the Justice for Neighbors (JFN) program.  The program, created in 2006, targets dilapidated buildings and quality of life crimes that threaten the health and safety of city neighborhoods.

Today, Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer along with staff from the City Attorney’s Office, Sacramento Police Department and Code Enforcement held a press conference at a 15-unit apartment complex targeted for demolition.

“The Justice for Neighbors program is a shining example of what the City can do to enhance our neighborhoods,” said Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer.  “We want to send a message that negligent property ownership will not be tolerated.”

Tearing down this building saves countless city resources devoted to this apartment complex, including calls for service from the Police Department and code compliance activities.

The JFN works to identify, process, manage, resolve, and publicize the results of the most serious nuisance and security issues affecting the City.

Since its inception, the JFN team has demanded and been awarded over $750,000.00 in penalties and costs.  The tear down signifies the community taking back their neighborhood from crime activity, slumlords, and other nuisances.

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