Love Sacramento? Prove it using #mysacramento

McKinley Park

With your phones in tow and your Instagram or Twitter apps ready to go, the City of Sacramento wants you to help catalog all things that are uniquely Sacramento using the hashtag #mysacramento.  The City is conducting an imagery exercise as part of a market research study of Sacramento.  This exercise is meant to capture the social, education and recreational activity of residents and visitors in Sacramento.

The best photos will be selected—now through July 31—for a community vote and the winner will receive four free tickets to the Sacramento Zoo.

Here are the rules:

  • Follow the @thecityofsac on Instagram or Twitter
  • Upload on Instagram or Twitter a picture of a location, activity, or shots of people in the City tag it with #mysacramento (No other social media platform besides the two mentioned will be monitored)
  • Provide a caption/description of 25 words or less on the content of the photo, its significance and how it’s uniquely Sacramento

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