Summer at City Hall brings valuable experience to high school youth

Summer at City Hall
Nearly 85 Summer at City Hall students line up and cheese for a group shot.

For seven summer weeks, the City of Sacramento holds its free Summer at City Hall program. This program, aimed at providing incoming 11th and 12th grade high school students with the opportunity to network and gain valuable information, also allows students to work alongside City decision makers.

Once selected for the program, students are exposed to the fun and hard work that comes along with being a City official. Allowing the students to intermingle, many with shared interests join together as they attend enjoyable and instructive classes exposing them to the ins-and-outs of what it means to be a City member and community leader.

If gaining insight and experience isn’t enough, students also earn five high school credits and a stipend for completing the 7 week course and a 30 hour internship.

Once complete, the program wraps up with an admirable graduation ceremony for the students, hosted in the Sacramento City Hall Chambers. Parents, internship supervisors, community partners and supporters are all welcomed as the students celebrate their growth and development as a result of the program and its information, resources, and experience provided.


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