Relics out. Reliability in.


City Manager John Shirey joined Department of Utilities Director Dave Brent and Utilities staff on a tour of the on-going work at the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant.

As part of our continued commitment to update aging infrastructure, City Manager Shirey wanted to see the progress, up close and in person. While only a year in, the results are dramatic.

The Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant was originally built in 1923. Work began in July 2013 to begin rehabilitating the oldest parts of the facility to help ensure that it can meet its designed capacity. The $170 million dollar project will take another two years to complete and will help to ensure reliable water supply for Sacramento residents and businesses for years to come.


As part of the tour, the group walked through the entire water treatment process, including an in depth look at the construction of the new sedimentation basin, filter gallery and pump station.

More information about the work at the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant can be found at

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