Water conservation outreach hits home, reaches far and wide

A City of Sacramento Department of Utilities water inspector helps a neighbor convert her front lawn to a drought tolerant landscape.

It’s all sinking in. The Spare Our Water website address on billboards and buses, water-saving tips on the City’s webpage, multiple public meetings, thousands of calls to 311 about water wasters along with daily news media coverage are sending a clear message about the drought. The messages are changing behavior as business and residential accounts have cut water use by 22 percent during the hot month of July.

Enforcing watering days by encouraging citizens to report water waste as well as lawn signs calling out that “Gold is the new green,” even captured national news media attention on the City’s efforts to drive home the drought.

The City’s Media and Communications Team’s efforts were recently picked up and recognized by local and national networks including CBS, NBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera America and the Wall Street Journal.

Gold is the new green
“Gold is the new green” signs illustrate the City of Sacramento’s aim to conserve water resources, even at its own facilities.

Members of the City’s Media and Communications team hope to continue their efforts in promoting conservation.

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