Front St. Animal Shelter helps out at the King Fire

King Fire 2014

The Front Street Animal Shelter Enforcement Team did their part during the King Fire near Pollock Pines and offered mutual aid to the residents and animals of the King Fire.

As they headed up to the hill, their primary mission was to scour the abandoned properties for animals that had been left behind, providing food and water, as well as evacuation. Assigned to the Ice House area, officers described the utter devastation, with acres of forest destroyed and homes completely burned to the ground.

Officer Alexis Shaw located one home entirely gone, yet only yards away, a barn remained standing, spared entirely from the blaze.  In the barn were animals left behind, but unharmed, waiting for help. We are proud of our officers and their willingness to extend their service beyond the borders of the city. When it comes to people and animals, we are all in this together.

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