The City of Sacramento to host Water Treatment Plant open house

Water treatment plant

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities invites the public to attend a rare open house event at the water treatment plant. Visitors will see how the plant serves the community, provides a reliable water supply and learn about upgrade projects that are under construction.

The behind-the-scenes tour is on Saturday, October 18 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The treatment plant is located at 300 Water Street in Sacramento. This event is free to the public. Attendees must provide valid photo identification to enter the treatment plant property.

The open house will include a tour, talks with engineers and designers and an overview of the upgrades that will ensure a safe and reliable water supply. A fun activity will be available for kids to learn more about water purification.

Water treatment plant

Relics Out. Reliability In.  The Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant opened in 1924. Much has changed in Sacramento since then, but the treatment plant still provides high-quality drinking water for the city. To better serve the city, the plant is currently undertaking its first upgrades in nearly 100 years. The City is inviting the public to see a part of Sacramento’s history and learn how Sacramento manages water by combining old infrastructure with new technologies to protect the environment and safety of residents.

For more information, go to or call (916) 808-1400.

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