Lots of leaves in the city!

Since November 1, crews have completed two full leaf collection rotations throughout the entire City in two weeks, and we’ve started our third rotation this week. Crews are reporting heavier leaf drop, and larger piles. It can take crews ten days to two weeks between leaf collections during these heavy weeks.

Check the Service Day Finder often as we update our collection estimates daily and your date may change.

To make our estimates we factor in how many crews we have and how many zones we are clearing in a day. The biggest variable is Mother Nature herself. There is no completely accurate way to predict how many piles we will encounter in any one zone due to any variety of weather conditions.

Also, unlike previous years, the heavy leaf drop is starting later this year. Lots of residents are using their yard waste containers which we continue to collect weekly. This is proving to be a great help in getting more material off the street.  And, as a reminder, our crews will be working throughout the week of Thanksgiving.

Find out more on Leaf Season in the City.

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