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Storm warning reminder for those with pets


Storm is coming – Front Street Offering Amnesty to anyone with a dog at the shelter

The Sacramento Area will be affected by a winter storm beginning Wednesday night December 10th, through Friday evening December 12th. The Front Street shelter is urging area animal owners to take extra precautions.

The National Weather Service models indicate this storm will drop 1-3 inches of rain in the valley from Wednesday evening through Friday evening. Winds beginning Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon will reach 30-40 mph, with gusts as high as 60 mph. With the ground already saturated and the incoming storm with high winds, there is a potential for wind damage, trees blowing over and power outages.

Fencing may be breached with high winds and pets are easily frightened by inclement weather. Steps you can take now:

  • Make sure your animals are micro-chipped with current information and wearing a valid ID tag with a legible phone number. We offer $5 chips with free lifetime registration and free ID tags. (Wed-Sun 9-5 Reception building or Wed-Sun noon to 5 pm Main building)
  • If your pet is currently at the Front Street Shelter, we are offering amnesty through Sunday, December 14, 2014. This means we will charge no fees at time of release. Investigation cases excluded. (Wed-Sun noon to 5:00 pm 2127 Front Street)
  • If you have outdoor only animals, if possible, at least bring them into the garage. Ensure your pets have proper protection from the elements and dry bedding. Make sure your fence lines are secure.

The shelter is currently very full, partially due to the last storm. Let’s work together and keep our pets safe in Sacramento! Visit Front Street Animal Shelter for more info.