City of Sacramento has best water conservation savings in 100 years!

Water Usage at an All-Time Low Since 1914 – Community saves 7 billion gallons of water saved in 2014

Not only are City residents and businesses cutting back water use by the state-mandated 20 percent, in 2014 City water customers successfully cut water use to the lowest level per person per day in a century. The City reported a consumption rate of 179 gallons per person per day (GPCD) for 2014 compared to an average rate of 248 gallons per person per day, 100 years ago. GPCD measures the average rate of residential and commercial water based on Sacramento’s population.

1980 showed the highest water usage of 307 gallons per person per day. In 1980, the population of the City was approximately 275,000 compared to the current population of about 475,000. Even with over 200,000 more residents in the City today, City customers have never been so efficient with their water usage.

“This significant drop in water usage demonstrates the City and customers’ awareness of water conservation during this historic drought. We are proud of the continued water conservation efforts of our customers,” said Bill Busath, Interim Director of the City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities.

“We remind our customers that the Winter Water Conservation schedule allows for watering only one day per week on weekends, that the drought is not over and that we must continue to work together to conserve this most valuable resource.”

Increased drought awareness has brought attention to the City’s water conservation efforts and has driven up calls for investigation of water misuse. In 2014, the City received nearly 19,000 calls for water conservation investigations and issued nearly 5,700 first notices of violation. This is compared to 1,840 calls for investigation last year over the same time period.

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