Poll shows majority of citizens happy with living in Sacramento

Citizens view public safety, infrastructure and creating more jobs as top priorities

Curious as to what our residents think should be the highest budget priorities in Sacramento? Check out our recently conducted survey that gathers opinions from residents of each council district in a random sample, reflective of the diversity of our city.

Over the course of the poll, respondents were able to give their input on their budget priorities and reflect upon how they viewed their quality of life. The survey was considered statistically valid and included more than 500 residents. According to the findings, the vast majority, at least 87 percent, of survey-takers have a positive view of Sacramento as a great place to live!

The survey is part of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s plan – Sacramento 3.0  – to involve more community input in the budget process. The results included major priorities such as Public Safety, Infrastructure and Job Creation and Economic Development. Interestingly, in both this city-wide poll as well as a Neighborhood Leads Workshop, education was identified as a major priority, even though the City does not fund public schools.

Make sure to visit our Budget Priorities page to view all of the results, as well as those from the Neighborhood Leaders Budget Workshop. Also, find tentative dates of Council workshops and meetings on the FY15-16 budget.

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