Sac Metro Arts Commission goes big with $1.5 million towards local, regional art

The Sacramento Metro Arts Commission (SMAC) recently announced a proposed $1.5 million donation to commission regional artists for public art at the new downtown arena. This latest contribution is historic—it’s the largest single amounted pledged to public art by regional artists in the city, ever—and marks the next chapter in Sacramento’s efforts to be a destination city for art, culture and entertainment.

Check out photos below to learn about the City’s commitment to see local art and artists thrive. We posted more about these projects on our blog, including a full list of the City’s contributions.Del Paso Partnership 1

The Del Paso Words on Walls Project is a collection of five public art pieces located along Del Paso Boulevard in North Sacramento. The project received an Americans for the Arts Award for excellence in public art. Photo courtesy Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

Del Paso Partnership 2

This public art feature is the result of a collaborative effort between the Del Paso Partnership, local artists and local poets. Photo courtesy Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

B Street Theatre Kiss of Death

Actors perform during the B Street Theatre production, Kiss of Death. Last year, the City approved $2.5 million to be used as the final funding for the completion of a new home for the theatre in downtown Sacramento. Photo courtesy B Street Theatre

Verge Dresses

The Verge Center for the Arts got a pop of color in 2014 when artist Mary Younakof displayed her work “343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project.” Verge is a part of the City’s Capital Grant Program and received $50,000 to complete the contemporary arts center. Photo courtesy Makoto Hawkins, 2014

Fremont School

Earlier this month, the City made a proposed contribution of $5 million towards a $6.5 million renovation of the historic Fremont School as a home to performing arts.

Stephen Kaltenbach piece

Iconic artwork by Davis artist Stephen Kaltenbach at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Sacramento Ballet

Dancers from the Sacramento Ballet perform during choreographer Ron Cunningham’s interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet.” The Sacramento Ballet is one of many groups that will benefit from the Fremont School renovation project. Photo courtesy Keith Sutter

Vinyl Utility Boxes

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission collaborated with the Capital Area Development Authority to produce 28 vinyl utility boxes — another way the City is working with local artists to feature more art in public spaces around Sacramento. Photo credits from left to right: 1. “Untitled” Photo by Wesley Apfel-McDowell, original box art by Bryan Valenzuela, 2. Joe Chan Photos, original box art by Bryan Valenzuela, 3. “Look out Jesse” Photo by Steven Tze, original box art by Erik Hosino, 4. “Under the Light” Photo by Alister Oliver, original box art by Laura Caron

Baron Von Munchausen

An sculpture entitled “Baron Von Munchausen”  by Willem deGroot is located in Shasta Park.


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