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FEMA-approved of new flood zone status becomes effective June 16

Natomas building permits can be issued

After a seven-year building moratorium in the Natomas basin, the revised FEMA-approved new flood zone status becomes effective June 16.  The City Council passed an ordinance for building to resume in Natomas – commercial development and limited resumption of residential development – in late March. With it and the revised flood map taking effect June 16, building permits can start being issued June 16 at the City’s Community Development Department, 300 Richards Blvd. See information on building resuming in Natomas.

As of June 15, there are 42 master plans being reviewed to date. Of those, seven master plans (seven models of homes with various elevations) have been approved.  One builder has submitted building permit applications to start construction on 10 units.  The builder is planning to obtain the permits next week. The other developer has not yet submitted building permit applications for its approved master plans.

Even with the revised flood status becoming effective, property owners in the Natomas Basin who have a federally-backed mortgage will still need flood insurance until Natomas levees are certified for 100-year protection. Levee improvements will take several years to complete.

However, the A99 status will allow property owners located within the Natomas basin to continue to receive their “Properties Newly Mapped” discount for their flood insurance.

For more information:

For information about the National Flood Insurance Program or to locate an insurance agent, property owners can visit or call 1-888-379-9531.

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Email:  Community Development at or call 311.

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