Biz First Spotlight: Starbread Bakery

This week’s Business First Spotlight features Starbread Bakery. This delicious bakery is located at 2101 Natomas Crossing Drive in Natomas and has been in business here for about a year and a half. Starbread Bakery offers a variety of Filipino cultural treats. Their specialty, the Señorita Bread, has captured the hearts and tummies of many across Sacramento.

The Starbread Bakery is proud to serve these delightful treats fresh out of the oven multiple times throughout the day! You can get Señorita Bread with an assortment of fillings such as Nutella, strawberry, apple, cream cheese, mango, and much more.  Along with their signature Señorita Bread, they have various savory rolls and pastries filled with goodies like hot dogs or ham and cheese.

The employees of Starbread Bakery enjoy many things about Sacramento but what they adore most are their customers and the people that they see on a daily basis in Natomas.

If you mention Business First Spotlight, you will receive 20% off as part of your order.   Offer only good until Sept 15 .

Swing by and try some of the delicious pastries at the Starbread Bakery!


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